Logo Design, Iconography

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Volpe offer elegant, decadent and irresistible hand-picked collections of seductive adult toys and gorgeous lingerie.

Volpe approached us looking for a logo and some iconography for a new venture of theirs. More than happy to help, we jumped at the opportunity! I, personally, have always had a love and adoration for the shy and timid fox so we were delighted when we found out the meaning behind the word “Volpe” – It is Italian for the word “Fox”.

Whilst there was a lot of snickering when coming up with various design concepts for the logo, ultimately we decided that something which didn’t scream “Adult Toys” was the best way forward so customers can rest assured that their packaging will be discreet even if the Volpe logo is present on the packaging.

With this logo design, we worked with several iterations of the fox silhouette but having looked back, decided that a fox silhouette on it’s own was not giving off the feel we were after. After trying out some additional ideas, we settled on this iconic shape / silhouette for the logo, not only does the logo contain parts of a fox silhouette, is also doubles up as a woman’s eye.

We have the fox head as the iris, the tail as the eyelash/eyebrow and the tail also doubles up as an adult tail product that they just happen to sell, paired up with an elegant font and they were in love with the finished design. Do you need a new logo? Get in touch